One of the most common reasons that so many people are turning to spray foam insulation is to drastically lower their energy bill. Spray Foam Insulation can help you save up to 50% on your energy bills. The more secure sealing of foam insulation also decreases the work load on a HVAC unit. But money is by no means the only benefit. In fact, families, schools and offices are sealing there buildings because it’s a greener way to go.

A tight air seal that’s created by spray foam insulation helps to improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and allergens and helping to prevent mold and mildew.

Spray foam insulation also has an acoustical benefit. It helps to eliminate sound from traveling and therefore you have a quieter environment.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, spray foam insulation uses less natural resources because your home or building is not wasting energy.

In summary, spray foam insulation helps to seal in the savings and seal out pollutants, allergens, dust and noise. It’s no wonder that more new homes are using spray foam insulation from the start and existing homes and buildings are investing money to reduce energy bills. You can see results immediately in the comfort of your home and you will continue to save money every month. Invest today and go green to save green with Green Energy Spray Foam Insulation.

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