“We can’t tell you how pleased we are with our home since we worked with you to make it healthier and cutting our monthly electric bill in half. We thought we needed a new A/C but our home is now cool, the A/C hardly needs to run. we are thrilled. Thank you so much.” – Mary O’donnell

“I started with an energy audit because I wanted my home environment to be more healthy. The money that I have saved is just a plus! I’m now on my way to going solar and I urge everyone to try Green Energy Builders and Solutions. They are completely professional and have not only made my home environment cleaner they have also made it energy efficient. I’m having them do my boat too since we live in that during the year as well.” – Mary, Starke, FL

“The comprehensive thermal exam was able to detect where I had water damage so that I didn’t have to ruin walls that were ok or spend an “arm and leg” on roofing or wall repairs.” – Gemma, Jacksonville, FL

“I’m a believer! Before the guys were even done, my air conditioner stopped running. It was 94 degrees outside and for the first time my A/C didn’t need to keep running to keep the house cool. I’m saving money and also enjoying a much more comfortable temperature during the day. Thanks!” – Claude, Starke, FL

“The entire team at Green Energy Builders and Solutions was professional, courteous and prompt. They deliver! I will be recommending them to family and friends.” – Marc, Fort Gordon, GA

“With two big dogs running through the house I thought there really wasn’t a solution that could improve the air quality of our home. I was also interested in saving money since my electric bills kept increasing The team at Green Energy Builders and Solutions did a wonderful job! You’ve got to see it to believe it but not only am I paying less money on my electrical but I’m also dusting less.!” – Victoria, Orlando, FL

“My overall experience with the entire team at Green Energy Builders was excellent. My wife and I have decided to continue with Solar. The savings are unsurpassed and I am buying everyone in my family a home energy audit as a Christmas Gift. Go green and save green, as they always say!” – Ray, Jacksonville, FL

“I was skeptical at first when I was told that I could save so much money on my electric bills, but I’m glad to admit that I was wrong. We have not only saved money but we are much more comfortable since we can keep the house cooler.” – Roula, Jacksonville, FL

“We are saving money and our customers are taking notice enough to comment that the temperature is more comfortable. Thanks Green Energy Builders, you provided us with solutions to help make the environment more comfortable and save us money! The staff was professional and clean while we went on with our business through the day, The crew that makes up the Home Performance Team was wonderful!!!” – Nour’s Cafe, Jacksonville, FL

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