Our services include energy audits, spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, also other types of insulation. We install insulation in basements, attics, crawl spaces and walls. We are always available to answer your call and address your questions. As a locally owned insulation contractor, we have the flexibility to address your needs at your convenience, not just at ours.

Spray foam insulation tends to be more expensive than other spray foam insulation products. It does have the advantage of being a rated vapor barrier and is commonly an efficient solution for vaulted ceilings and areas where insulation with high R-value is needed. Another common application is as attic foam.

Spray foam is composed almost entirely from petroleum so we do not consider it as a “green product” like the cellulose and denim insulation we use. Bio-based spray foam insulation has been introduced as a “green” spray insulation but the actual bio-content is typically less than 10% with the remaining 90% petroleum. However, foam manufacturers claim that the embodied energy and petroleum it takes to produce is quickly made-up with the energy savings when used in the home.

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